Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anime Logo Accessories

Make your anime template more beauty and nice looking by added logo as accessories on your template. The anime logo could become your symbol or banner of your blog. You could also use them as banner in link exchange with another blog, so those anime logos really have multipple utility. I have collected many logo from the official site of anime directly, please use them as good as on your blog. Get anime logo ah my goddess, battle angel alita, berserk, bleach, castlevania, chobits, cowboy bebop, darkstalkers, death note, digicharat, DN angel, dot hack, dragon ball, escaflowne, final fantasy, fist of the northstar, FLCL fooly cooly, fruitsbasket, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, fushigi yugi, ghost in the shell, gravitation, gundam, haibane, hellsing, hina, initial D, inuyasha, kingdom hearts, lain, lastexile, lupin, macross, magic knight rayearth, megaman, melan cholyof haruhi suzumiya, metal gear solid, my neighbor totoro, naruto, negima, neon genesis evangelion, one piece, outlaw star, paranoia agent, ranma, readordie, revolutionary girl utena, rurouni kenshin, sailormoon, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sanrio, sonic, spirited away, street fighter, super mario, tejhno tenge, transformers, trigun, trubasa chronicle, vampire hunter D, X 1999, and zelda. Save image and upload again to your own account.